We wanted to develop and so we created this place… A beautiful and modern building, in which the world of printing unites with art.


We are a group of enthusiasts, who love beauty and who are able to see it everywhere. We pay attention to detail and strive to perfection in all of our works. Our building had to be no different… We created a place that is unique not only in Poland but in Europe as well – a house that meets the world’s most demanding requirements. Here we meet our customers’ extraordinary expectations and fulfil graphic dreams…

You are welcomed by a qualified staff, a great team that will help you choose the right resources and technology. Also, the newest machine park provides the highest quality. We develop original publishing solutions, related to a custom or non-standard print and cover. We take care of anything that has to do with paper and print.

Taking advantage of the newest technologies allows us to fully optimize the printing processes. They allow to improve the quality, speed up the realization process and improve the efficiency, and minimize the costs at the same time ▉

The high level of automatization of our printing house is its crucial element but the most important aspect is an experienced staff with their practical skills and the ability to react quickly to sudden problems arising during the printing process. That’s why we care about the people, who create this place, we guarantee them safe and comfortable job and positive social relations. Modern printing house means respecting the laws of environment and using water and energy sensibly, so that it would serve the next generations.

We offer unconventional services and we are constantly searching for innovative solutions that fully correspond with the requirements of more and more demanding customers, which is a sign of a modern approach in the printing industry. It’s worth remembering that the advertising market is quite a dynamic branch, which the printing industry should keep up with. Therefore, we aim at individualism and meeting sophisticated expectations of our customers.

Therefore, Oltom Printing House provides:
• Small printings
• Short publication series
• Personalized prints
• UV offset
• Digital prints
• White printing
• Embossing
• Binding the works with the use of many interesting technological solutions

We respect the  social dimension  of our job. Collaborating with Rotary Club in Łódź, we support charity work, like helping the poor from St Brother Albert’s Home in Łódź. We also support cultural events such as Freedomjazz Festival in Łódź.

Oltom Printing House is a place aimed at positive relations and creative solutions!

We are looking forward to your cooperation,
Tomasz Korościk


The main purpose of Oltom Printing House Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. in Łódź is providing high quality prints that meet the customers’ requirements. We achieve the required quality by:

  • The staff commitment in providing services that meet the requirements.
  • Implementing and maintaining the integrated quality and environment management system, that facilitates good optimization of work that satisfies both our employees and customers.
  • Continuous improvement of the efficiency of the integrated management system and meeting the requirements.

The integrated management system policy is known, introduced and used by all employees on all organization levels and by interested parties.

Łódź, 03.12.2018 r.
Tomasz Korościk


Drukarnia Oltom Sp. z o.o., Sp. Kom.
Wersalska 29, 91-203 Łódź, Poland
NIP: 947-198-48-39, KRS 0000615865
T: +48 42 611 01 04
E: biuro@oltom.eu

The Oltom Printing House is carrying out a project as part of the 2. 3. 1. Regional Operational Programme for Łódź Province for the years 2014-2020. The purpose of the project is to increase the innovative character of the printing house through implementing the technology of production of mobile advertising media with NFC tag. Through realization of the project, it will be possible to start the production of one-element wobblers on non-absorbing substrate. The total value of the project is 9 158 580zł and the contribution of European Funds is 3 499 620zł.